Interpersonal and relationship difficulties

Sometimes the very relationships that bring the most joy and fulfilment can also be the ones that can cause the most grief and anger. Interpersonal relationships become problematic when one or more of the participants has needs that are not met within the relationship. People can be difficult to deal with and we can react negatively to the stress that comes from these relationship challenges. You may be finding it hard to be at ease with other people and have difficulty forming open and caring relationships with people. The problem is that we tend to be so immersed in our ways of relating that it is really difficult to see and change them. 

Psychotherapy and anger management skills can help with interpersonal problems. Psychotherapy can explore patterns and experiences in relationships and identify and understand problem areas, so you can determine ways to resolve the difficulties causing you distress. Self-knowledge is the key to establishing healthier relationships. In every therapeutic encounter, the client's whole world is present - all of the client's past relationships, all of the client's hopes and fears are present in the room. Often the same dysfunctional relationship styles will surface in the therapeutic relationship and rather than hamper the therapy, the problems are explored in the here-and- now and the insights are carried into the client's own relationships.