Adjustment or life-transition challenges

Whether it be parenthood, divorce, career changes, adolescence or simply a search for meaning, life throws out challenges that some of us struggle with to the point that we are unable to cope with these transitions. Adolescence for instance presents many challenges and identity related concerns as well as parental/peer conflict and adjustment difficulties. The ability to cope with these adjustments varies from person to person and what one person finds stressful may not be a problem for someone else. Often the stress in dealing with these issues builds to the extent that our normal coping mechanisms are overridden. There may be marked distress that seems out of proportion to the severity or intensity of the stressor. Often these individuals are told by others to "just get over it", but are unable to. 

Therapy can provide a support system while adjusting to these challenges and at the same time exploring healthy coping strategies. Each individual’s reaction usually becomes understandable when one investigates the individual's personality and life events. Arriving at this understanding is helpful since it allows the individual to see why they responded in this way and what areas they need to work on. In addition, when people know that they do not cope well with change, consulting a therapist before any significant changes in life occur may be warranted.

In other areas, you may have reached a point in life where you experience an "existential crisis", where your ongoing search for substantial meaning throws you into deeper crises of meaning. There may be a need for greater self-knowledge brought on by disillusionment with life, or perhaps just a yearning for a different experience of life. Therapy can therefore provide a space within which to embark on a journey of self- exploration and personal growth.